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Darius Sinathrya Open The School Football Club

A lot of artist opening the effort peripheral. Mostly open the effort restaurant, house produce, or boutique. But presenter Darius Sinathrya have the different business of Husband of this artist Donna Agnesia go together its hobby, that is football. Darius make the school futsal called by Darius Futsal Academy (DFA)"this Target DFA to look for the a bit of blood, and later;then we wish the supply of player futsal for the Indonesia of.

Indonesia own the very big potency, become have to be developed," he said moment met in between the grand launching Cataluna 1899 and soft opening DFA, Grand Futsal Brass, Jakarta, Sunday (29/6/2008) this Academy planning, I Darius, have semenjak two last year. But Darius confess to learn beforehand management for the school of that For its Darius step have precisely. Besides channelling hobby, star Nagabonar Become the 2 this wish to add the its saving purse "My Karna like to play football, become this to channel my hobby. Others, yes for the business of also," akunya.(one)

Dina-Gathan Honeymoon Await Healthy

Even have become the a couple of married, Dina Lorenza and Gathan Hillaby not yet ascertained when will be in honey moon. Both still await the convalesce health Dina condition Others, Dina here and now still be occupied with a number of activity syuting. " Hopefully my produser love can permit," hope the Dina in meeting mass media after legalization of marriage, in Hotel of Grand Kemang, Jakarta South arch, Sunday (29/6/2008), question concerning plan own to look-after child the, both of the same couple have married previously confess do not wish to delay it.

Both also hope this nuptials become last of its times; rill Like known, previously Gathan represent the husband from artist of Cut Keke. For a while Dina have married by pereli is Muhammad Heru Kusuma.(one)